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The Diablero

The basic principle guiding the sorcerer is an attempt to RECONCILE the opposing animalistic and divine aspects of man. The sorcerer’s SOLUTION to this constant struggle is to SUPPRESS MAN’S DIVINE NATURE , allowing the base instincts to rise above and totally rule over the individual and society in general.

Abraham Isaac Kook (1865-1935) Philosopher, scholar and Kabbalist



Dagger-Metaphorical–[THE METAPHORICAL DAGGER]:

Warriors know that average men and women share a metaphorical dagger, the concerns of their self-reflection; with this dagger they cut themselves and bleed, and it is the job of their self-reflection to make them feel as if they are bleeding together, sharing some sort of wonderful act of humanity; in reality though, they are not sharing anything, they are bleeding alone; when people cut themselves with this metaphorical dagger, they are toying with their manageable but unreal, man-made reflection.